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Bihar, a world in itself, has an extremely rich and occupying culture, cultivating bit by bit in itself. Great history, great leaders, various folktales are the fragrance of its soils. With, we are trying to explore more on the background of the state and bring its heritage in the foreground through its readers and admirers. We have a variety of content which is not only the powerful voice of the youth but also hums the tunes of the old age while carrying forward the legacy and spreading the word of knowledge. We are a small and enthusiastic group of 6, collectively putting efforts to bring out the best of Bihar and making it available to the world. With high aspirations, hopes and our beloved readers, we are continuously striving to break the typecast which Bihar is today and let our readers explore a whole new panorama in which we see, work and grow! Here is an open invitation to one and all, to be a part of the celebration called 'Bihar'.

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